Thursday, April 24, 2014


  • Registration for Summer and Fall classes begins on Monday, April 14, 2014. Please make an appointment to meet with your advisor to register for classes.


  • Students seeking financial aid must apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA each year that they are studying at the College. The priority deadline for completing your FAFSA is May 1, 2014. Students who do complete the FAFSA by May 1, 2014 may miss out on free money from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You can complete the 2014-2015 FAFSA online at See Tatjana or Shawn in Financial Aid if you need assistance.


  • The College is pleased to offer eligible students tuition assistance for the summer semester. See below for eligibility criteria:


Summer Tuition Grant Policy

BFIT provides much institutional aid for students taking summer classes.  These include the following:

  1. The traditional 3rd semester grant is available for students taking Developmental courses in the Fall semester.  Students remaining in good academic standing and on sequence can have their new summer courses paid for by this grant.  More information on this grant can be found in the College Catalog on pages 16-17.
  1. For students who would benefit from a reduced course load, BFIT instituted a second group of students who would be eligible for a grant to cover summer classes.  To qualify for this, a student must meet the following requirements:
    1. Students should complete a minimum of 24 credits at BFIT by the end of the Spring semester. 
    2. The student must be registered as a full time student in the Spring 2014 semester.
    3. The student must be registered as a full time student in the Fall 2014 semester.
    4. A free course may be required, elective, or supplementary (meaning outside of their program of study), but the student cannot have previously attempted the courses.
    5. Students who enroll in the summer at no charge, but do not later enter the Fall 2014 semester may be back billed for the Summer semester.

Important Financial Aid Information

Planning on enrolling in Fall 2014? Then it's time to complete your 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To complete your FAFSA log on to or if you need assistance, stop by the Financial Aid Office. The priority deadline to file is quickly approaching. The earlier that you file your FAFSA, the more FREE MONEY you will be eligible to receive. Act now to get the best financial aid from the federal and state government that is possible. For step-by-step instructions on how to apply online visit:


Apply for a summer job with SummerWorks! Apply online 24 hours a day and follow the step-by-step instructions (requires a working email account). Read and complete the application with a parent or guardian. A complete application includes a signed application, CORI form, checklist, and eligibility documentation. You can also apply in person at your local neighborhood ABCD office. Applicants must be residents of Boston, be between the ages of 14 and 21, and be income eligible. Submitting an application does NOT guarantee a summer job. Applications must be submitted by Jun 13! 617-348-6548,

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